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Professional Pool Safety Inspections in Townsville

pool safety inspections

Pool safety is paramount; if you have a backyard pool or spa, you want to ensure that it complies with current regulations.

Thanks to recent legislation, it is now compulsory for all Queensland properties to be compliant with both state and national regulations and the code produced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Whether you have an existing spa or pool in your backyard, or plan to have a new one installed, it’s critical to ensure you are familiar with the latest regulations – not only is it compulsory in a legal sense, but it also serves to ensure your family and friends are safe.

At Crystal Aqua Pool and Spa Services, we are very experienced when it comes to safety requirements. Offering pool inspections in Townsville and surrounds, we can ensure your backyard is compliant and provide you with a safety certificate. 

Are professional inspections necessary?

In a legal sense, you only need to obtain a pool safety certificate if you are planning to sell or lease your property.

If you are not leasing or selling, you can technically check that your pool is compliant independently. However, it’s important to note that local authorities will impose regulations and fines on those who are non-compliant; for this reason, most people choose to have their property professionally inspected for peace of mind.

Professional pool inspectors have a strong understanding of the regulations and can provide you with advice in terms of getting your property to a state where it’s compliant. 

Book a visit from our pool inspectors today

If are concerned as to whether or not your property is compliant, it is best to call in the professionals. Our pool inspectors serve Townsville and surrounding areas, and can visit at a time that suits your busy schedule. Alongside inspections, we also offer a range of maintenance services, from cleaning and water analysis through to general repairs.

If you are searching for a reputable company that provides pool safety inspections across Townsville, look no further than our team of experts. For more information or to book a visit, contact us today on 0403 624 777.