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Easily the lowest priced pool servicing around

What you get:

  • Equipment serviceability check
  • Hi-tech pool water test on site
  • Filter back flush
  • Salt cell clean
  • Pool vacuum
  • Chemical balance (Our high quality, low priced salt and chemicals are charged separately to this offer or alternately customers may choose to supply their own)

All of the above pool services for just $45.00+GST 

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Pool Care & Maintenance Services

Who Are we?

Who Are we?

Crystal Aqua Pool and Spa Services are a locally owned mobile business based in Townsville and with a home grown knowledge of our region

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Pool Health

Pool Health

Clear water does not always mean good water, but good water will always be clear.

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 Pool Safety

Pool Safety

Your safety and the safety of your family, friends and neighbours who have access to your pool are paramount.

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Safety Tips

Safety Tips

We are licenced with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission to provide pool safety inspections.

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Townsville’s Leading Pool Maintenance Services Provider

Rely upon the professionals to offer nothing short of the best customer support and quality service. We specialise in a range of pool services, including inspections, cleaning, maintenance, general care and supplying first rate equipment and supplies for residents in Townsville and the surrounds.

Learn from the pool care experts

As experts on the appropriate care required, we can make suggestions as to the appropriate maintenance you should undergo to ensure your pool water is healthy and clean. You might not be aware of chemical imbalances in the water from sight alone, and sometimes you can unknowingly be swimming in bacteria.

For example, the temperature of the water is the key determining factor in whether you’re creating a thriving habitat for lovely germs and bacteria. As they procreate in warm environments, it’s important to ensure the water is keep at a reasonable temperature all year round. This should be checked often.

Offering very affordable pool services in Townsville, Crystal Aqua Pool Services can perform a water analysis for you. This provides valuable insight into the condition of your pool and allows you to make changes as necessary to ensure your water is safe.

Our safety inspector can come out to evaluate your Townsville property

The compliance laws have changed in recent years and now apply to all pools. If you are confused about what technically classifies as a pool, or want to learn more about the compliance laws, then visit our safety page. If you are still unsure whether you have complied with these laws, then our inspectors can come to you to conduct a thorough evaluation.

Book Safety Inspections with Our Professional Team

We are licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission to provide safety inspections. A safety inspection will ensure you are not in violation of any compliance laws and will thus avoid any costly fines. Our inspections can also reveal any maintenance or equipment you might need to ensure your spa or pool meets the state requirements.

Our Philosophy and Our Ethic


Our Philosophy
A happy pool owner is one who spends their time with their family and friends cooling off in the lovely clean water, not sweating over it.
Our job is to take the sweat out of owning a pool and provide you with first class care and safety services that will not strain your budget.


Our Ethic
Integrity, honesty and first rate reliable service at all times.


Contact us today for cheap pool services you can rely on

Our rates may be affordable but we don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Whether you require a safety inspection, your pool cleaned, a water analysis performed or general maintenance carried out, our experienced team can help.

For pool care in Townsville, contact us today on 0403 624 777.